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Bus is the most common mode of transport used by public for both Inter City as well as for Intra City operations. Untill recent days people considered it a luxury if the bus comes at its stipulated time. The commuter had no option, but to travel in whatever mode of transport available. But the position has gradually changed during the last 5 years. More number of buses are being inducted into the system. Today the passenger has options in most of the prominent cities and routes.

Our Products and Services

Bus Body Buliding





The facilities available at KMS to construct the bus bodies matching with international standards:

  • Modern Painting Booth with baking facility.
  • 10 Tank process zinc plating & Hot Phosphating plant.
  • Machine shop comprising of Heavy duty shearing machine and press brake to fabricate components.
  • Water Shower Plant for Roof Leakage test.
  • CO2, Mig- Mag welding equipments.
  • Diesel Generators for uninterrupted power supply.
  • Hydraulically operated Panel Stretching Equipment.
  • Centralised Screw Compressor for operation of pneumatic tools